Dalton White has released a beautiful track called “Mirror” – Reignland

Dalton White has released a new track for Valentine’s Day called “Mirror” It’s a heartfelt track about wanting to tell your friend your true feelings, but you don’t know if they will feel the same. The vocals are precious, and the background harmonies are wonderful! I loved the lyrics, it almost bought me to tears it was so touching. Such a special track.

He spoke on the meaning behind the single, ” Mirror is a song about not knowing how or if you should confess your feelings to the person you love because you don’t want to ruin your friendship if they don’t feel the same. This song is very personal but also relatable for so many people who are scared to open up because they would rather struggle through being friends someone who they want more with than lose them completely. I wanted to write this from an inner point of view, where the listener is in my head hearing my thoughts and feelings, I think this creates a very personal connection. It was important to me not to say whether I did end up confessing or how it may have gone in my own personal story, but to leave the listener really thinking about that person they feel this same way for and do what they really want to deep down. A lot of thought and heart went into this song and I hope that the people who listen can hear that and most importantly, feel it.

Great job. Be sure to listen and enjoy this track and please leave your feedback. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: https://song.link/us/i/1496141143