Katie Bogle releases new single, ‘Studio Apartment’ – Reignland

Katie Bogle releases a new single titled, ‘Studio Apartment’, that features early 2000’s pop/rock elements and I am here for it. The warm track is such an inviting track as Katie’s soft and light vocals feel like a nostalgic moment in time. The cover art instantly pulled me in with its abstract design. The melody reminds me of Hilary Duff’s, ‘So Yesterday’ but a little more upbeat. It honestly gives off the timeless vibes as that song.

She spoke on the track, ” One day I sat down and wrote a long list of reasons I love my girlfriend. I put just a couple of reasons in the lyrics for “Studio Apartment”. Pop culture references to Van Halen and The Pixies serve as metaphors for the beautiful nostalgia in life and how she helped me find it. She’s the Suze to my Bob.”

Katie Bogle is a queer female artist based out of the Chicago suburbs. She started her performing career playing keyboard and singing for local jam band “Borrowed Bicycle”, joining them around the Midwest for shows and festivals for several years. Since the group’s dispassion, Bogle has had the opportunity to develop her own original music which steers far from her jam band history.

Get into this nostalgia and add the track to your playlist.

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/kxboges/