daena shines on new single, ‘Electric!’ feauring griggs – Reignland

Indie pop artist daena has released a new single about irreplaceable memories and a relationship that no longer ‘is’, – but when it ‘was’, it was great. This track has a retro feel to it, it sounds like a 60’s pop or 70’s pop almost. I love the light synths and punchy guitar that blend so well together. The lyrics are extremely relatable to I would say every person on this planet. The cover art is perfect for this kind of track as it is bright and fun. The two collab so well together and their vocals blend so smooth like butter. We need more collabs, please. ‘Electric!.’ is the title track from her highly anticipated EP out now. According to her press release, this EP encourages listeners to treasure the beautiful moments in life, flashing glimpses of clarity to listeners in the darkness.

‘The term “electricity” is technically defined as energy fueled by the transfer from positive and negative points. “It may sound cliche, but I think that’s a really good metaphor for these songs as a whole,” daena says. “We’re all just floating in and out of the positive and negative experiences that life throws at us. The important part is to embrace everyone”.

The project follows the release of her preceding singles “Overrated” and “Close Isn’t Enough”. Gaining recognition from Spotify, “Close Isn’t Enough” made it to their Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Poptronix, and Night Pop playlists!

Connect: https://www.daenamusic.com/