Bolbito x Arize released an awesome new track called. “In Retrospect” – Reignland

Bolbito x Arise released an awesome new track called “In Retrospect” Acting under the alias Bolbito, 19-year-old recording artist, writer, and producer, Colby Smith, hails from West Oakland, California. Currently residing and operating out of San Antonio, Texas, the Cali native’s love for music developed in the midst of domestic turmoil and internal strife. This track is offering a truth that we all share…in one of his lines he say”I can’t get that time back” we all have some regrets that we wished we could go back and change, but it’s not possible. The lyrics are powerful! His slow vibe of rap let’s you hear every word and that is great. He music is pretty good too. Take the time to listen, then please leave your feedback below.