Chenn releases new single, ‘I Will Be Born Again’ – Reignland

Italian producer, Chenn has released a new single, titled, ‘I Will Be Born Again’. The track fuses pop melodies with EDM sounds here and there. The song was co-written by Chenn and Italian singer-songwriter/producer Angelo Pitone from the alternative/indie-rock project called Of Shadows And Lights. It gets you up and moving from start to finish. You can’t really down when this comes on. Angelo’s vocals fit the vibe of the track perfectly.

“The piano chord progression inspired the lyrics.”, he said. “It’s the story of a girl leaving her boyfriend because of his possessive and violent behaviors. She wishes to regain her freedom and to enjoy the good things in life. And it’s exactly what happen just before the drop of the song: “So get out the way and let me dance!”

Be sure to get the track and leave your feedback below.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/track/7JtJvFO6gtSejoGe5e5adf