Blanker releases new rock single, ‘Pink Slip’ – Reignland

Blanker is the music outlet of John Norwood, the former frontman of the NYC indie rock group, Upstate Escape, since the disbanding of the group in 2014. He has released a new single titled, ‘Pink Slip’ This amazing track consists of fire guitar melodies and a hint of pop. In this track, he talks about being fired in order to be happy. Interesting concept for a song. I defiantly felt great when I became self-employed so I understand. I love the intro with that one guitar note being played as you wait for his vocals to come in. I also love the intense bridge and chorus. This needs to be on the radio right away.

While Blanker may function as a collective in the future, at present, Norwood writes, performs, and produces all music and instrumentation for the project.Pink Slip is the title track off of Blanker’s sophomore release, highlighting the irony of how the NYC corporate grind often leaves you without enough time to enjoy the money you make.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, youtube.com, deezer.com