Michael B. Whit takes you on a journey through his hometown in new single, ‘Camp Jackson’ – Reignland

Michael B. Whit knows just what to sing to make you feel at home. His new single, ‘Camp Jackson’ is such a warm country track that just makes you want to hug your mom. His voices are so rich and addictive that I could listen to a full album of it with no skips. It also has a nostalgia feel that really makes you just daydream about your childhood or the things that warm your heart.

He spoke on the inspiration behind the single, “To most listeners, this homesick song will sound like any wistful song that highlights growing up in every small town in the good ole USA. It takes you down that main road that every little country town has, you know, the one road that you have to travel to get everything you need from milk to your first used truck while experiencing every growing pain along the way.”

He continues, “However, to me (the artist), this song more specifically spotlights the forgotten, and nationally historic village of Cahokia, IL. I sing about how living and depending on Camp Jackson Rd, was amazing. Nonetheless, somewhere in time, the community lost its footing allowing corrupt officials and elements to seize control of our town, defacing almost everything beautiful about Cahokia. Be that it may, for those of us that have gone away, we can always take a trip down the 4.7-mile stretch that is Camp Jackson for a quick cure whenever we feel homesick.”

I would love to see the visual and I can’t wait for more music from this artist.

Get the track: youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, music.apple.com