Beau Dega shares new lush single titled, ‘It’s Luv’. – Reignland

Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Beau Dega shares a new single titled, ‘It’s Luv’. The track is filled with haunting guitar melodies and atmospheric elements that create a calming experience for the listener. His low tone vocals are smooth and really adds to the lush environment. He places such a powerful electrical guitar solo in there that adds such electrifying tones to the track. It takes you on a dreamy journey with an upbeat high then it takes you back down towards the end of the song. It feels like a roller coaster that you want to stand back in line for after it’s over.

“A lot of my music has to do with relationships, isolation, kind of funny Grindr hookups, and me dealing with my schizoaffective disorder. This song is kind of a combination of all of that. This song, in particular, took me way too long to finish, almost 3 years, but because I’m literally the only one who works on my music I try and pretend that it’s okay haha.”, he explains.

His music draws influences from post-punk, r&b, and 60s pop music. A lot of it features lush guitars, close harmonies, and crunchy sounding drums. I love this kind of combination of music melodies. He makes you want more and I can’t wait to hear more.