Anthony Mills releases an ‘anti-social anthem’ letting us know, “it’s OK to get your drink on solo”. – Reignland

Anthony Mills has released a very interesting new single titled, “Drinkin by Myself (again). This is the second single from Mills’ sophomore country album, ‘drankin songs of the midwest’, out this summer. This music on this track is like nothing I have ever heard before. It’s strangely enticing, and the music holds on to you through the entire track. The lyrics are done in such a way that you just have to sing along and place it on repeat. It can also be very relatable.

In Mills own words:

”Getting my drank on no celebration, or anger, or sadness, just outlaw goals” 

In acknowledgement to the relevance of the lyrics in this pandemic time, Mills explains further: ”Looking inwards over the years and all the times drinkin has been enjoyed (usually with others) BUT, in my culture it was always a OK to get your drink on solo. Never needed or wanted any kinda pity party, or validation from folk. I been practicing social distancing before the virus.”

Sometime into the song, he slows it down and really shows his vertility , keeping you wanting more until the song is over. I can’t wait for the full project. Be sure to give this track a listen above and leave your feedback below.

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