6ix9ine breaks Instagram views record with 2 million after song release. – Reignland

Tekashi 6ix9ine has finally returned to the music scene and social media. He released a new visual and single titled, ‘Gooba’ today. The colorful visual has been teased for three days after he posted that he was going live on Friday via Instagram. The video features six girls in different colored outfits (including his girlfriend Jade) dancing behind the colorful artist in various sets as he flexes his jewelry and puffer jackets.

After the release today, he decided to go live on Instagram, and while doing so, he broke a new record. His live started with his girlfriend Jade and her friend dancing to his new single. He then entered with the ‘Bad Boys’ track playing in the background as he waved handcuffs around.

As the live went on, the views went up tremendously and reached 2 million-plus in less than 30 minutes by the end, breaking the previous record that was held by Torey Lanez. During the live, he finally explained his side of the story and how people shouldn’t be mad at him for snitching because the people he snitched on did him wrong before it all went south including kidnapping him, threatening his mother and other things.

Throughout the live, you could tell that he still had his upbeat personality and a lot more confidence in himself (which he should) and his career. Tekashi 6ix9ine has released two projects: Day69 and DUMMY BOY, which was released shortly after the rapper’s arrest on the federal racketeering and firearms charges. Hopefully, he will continue to be okay and break more records.

You can get the single here: https://cmg.ffm.to/GOOBA