Chozin & Brent Urbn collab on new old school rap track, ‘Blur!’ – Reignland

Chozin and Brent Urbn are bringing feel-good rap songs to your playlist with their new single, ‘Blur!.’ The track features an old school vibe from start to finish. It defiantly will remind you of Andree 3000’s early work. The rapping will grab a whole of the listener as soon as the first verse starts with it’s aggressive but friendly flow and impactful lyrics. The vocals on this record are supurb and fit the tone so well, it’s almost like the melody and his voice were made for each other. Speaking on the track he says, “I wrote this song while reminiscing about the nights my friends and I would drive around Los Angeles to pass the time. The song is told from the perspective of my younger self navigating through what’s around me along with how I’m feeling internally.” I can’t wait to hear more and hope this track gets a video. Please be sure to leave your feedback and reaction below.