Zoë Moss has released a fantastic new track called “The Fantasy” – Reignland

Zoe Moss has released an awesome new track called “The Fantasy”

In 2011, six weeks after moving to New York, Zoë got hit by a cab. For Moss, that was when life truly began. 

The following years were a blur. Partially due to the concussion. And partially due to Moss’s newfound relationship with the underbelly of New York artistic society. Moss entered an experimental period. Combining the production styles of hip hop and pop music with the melodic and lyrical style of her indie rock roots, Moss found her sound: a blend of Brooklyn warehouse grunge and pop songwriting sensibilities. The video to this song is simple but I loved the lyrics so I can sing along. The vibe to this song is really nice and I enjoyed it. The bass beat with the vocals was an added treat. Great project. Be sure to check it out and leave your feedback below.