Zen Thomas has been waiting for a ‘Long Time’ in a new dreamy pop single. – Reignland

New Jersey native, Zen Thomas is here to kick start your 2020 with a firey pop single that I can’t get out of my head. “Long Time’ is a funky pop melody with soulful vocals from Zen that makes this the perfect mix for any day and any occasion. His vocals were an instant hook as they are so crisp and smooth with every note he hits. The single was the first song he recorded for his upcoming EP and excuse me but if the whole project sounds like this, I’ll defiantly buy.

He spoke about the meaning behind the song in his press release;

“It was a very interesting one to write because i wrote the first verse/pre-chorus/and chorus while i was in a relationship. I didn’t come back to finish the song until the relationship i was in ended, so the second verse and bridge are from a completely different point of view, but i still wanted it to be this upbeat fun song.” He continued, “Some of my favorite details about the song is that all the guitars are played with a nickel because i couldn’t find a pick, and all the bass in the song is a guitar brought down a couple of octaves which gives it a very distinct sound.”

He was kind of destined to become a creative in some aspects as his father is a musician and tattoo artist and his mother is a photographer. He packed up and moved to LA when he was just 18 years old and after finding an apartment, he spent all of his time working on his craft and now it’s paying off and we the fans are excited to hear what he’s been working on.

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