Zebra Katz has released his monsterous new track called “ISH” – Reignland

“Zebra Katz just released his debut new track “ISH”. Multidisciplinary artist, rapper, producer, and performer Ojay Morgan who performs as Zebra Katz just announced his debut album — LESS IS MOOR due out March 20 — alongside lead single “ISH”. A first-generation Jamaican-American, Zebra Katz burst onto the scene with the likes of Azealia Banks, Angel Haze and The House of Ladosha, when his runaway hit single “Ima Read” paved the way for his distinctive genre-defiant sound. His explosive, viral single “Ima Read” was picked up by Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint Jeffree’s and garnered further popularity when it ran for 11 minutes on a Rick Owens runway at Paris Fashion Week. This spark leads to an avalanche of remixes from Busta RhymesTricky, Azealia Banks and many more.

This sound is very new to me but it’s an awesome new sound! The lyrics, music and heavy beat will shake you up for sure. Be sure to listen to this nice track and leave your feedback below.