Yvonne Hartman has released a spirit-filled track called “Walkin’ On Water” – Reignland

Contemporary Christian Artist, Yvonne Hartman has released a new single, “Walkin On Water”. The Pennsylvania-based artist and songwriter takes the message of faith and places it in her wonderful music. What a wonderful upbeat track that will lift your spirit for sure. I loved the guitar and drums as they kept the vibe free-flowing. The vocals are amazing and positive with the lyrics sharing a great lesson.

She spoke on the inspiration behind the track, “This song was inspired by the saying “If you want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat”. My pastor used it in a sermon and after I wrote the song, I found out there was a book by that name. The song is mostly about my music ministry and following God’s call on my life. If I want to spread the Gospel and make disciples through music, I have to have the courage and the faith to step out of the boat.

If you like this listen and please add your feedback. Add it to your playlist. We need more of this.

Get the tack: spotify.com