xurbulentt speaks his raw truth on heart-wrenching single, ‘Holly’ – Reignland

xurbulentt is here with his new single, ‘Holly’. This is the first track from a 5-track EP out today. This song tells a story about the life of children in care, the relationships they have and lose, and the consequences they are forced to experience from other people’s decisions. The track features an intimate piano that helps showcase his vocals as he speaks his raw truth. The song will reach many that listen because even though it may be hard to listen too, it is real. I know it took a lot for him to put his heart out like that but the result is beautiful, hauting and an eye opener.

No one should feel like this or go through this but many do and one day the world will get better. Be sure to add your feedback below.

Get the EP: https://soundcloud.com/xurbulentt/sets/care-ep

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/xurbulentt