xrol debuts with upbeat pop single, ‘Once In A Lifetime’ – Reignland

Once In A Lifetime is the introduction to new pop artist, xrol. The song was written and produced by the newcomer. The upbeat pop record is a dope first track because of the original melody and mix of genres. The visual takes you around the streets of London as the artist sings and does choreography like no other. London is so beautiful and I can see this being popular there.

He shared this about being a new creative, “Having come from a culture, where the career-driven and pragmatic approach to life was the norm, it’s been always a bit tricky for me to fulfill the more creative side of me while doing something bigger than a side project. In this song, I tried to have an honest conversation with myself, in order to determine whether what I was feeling was real and whether I should pursue it.”

He continued, ‘Realizing that a lot of my thinking patterns and priorities stemmed from the society in which I was brought up, was a big step towards freeing myself. It let me detangle the parts of me which were mine from those which were forced upon me by others and their expectations. As a result, I tried to use ‘Once In A Lifetime’ to document my line of thought and remember that my goals and dreams are valid and I should start acting upon them.”

I can’t wait to see where he takes his career.

Get the track: youtube.com, spotify.com, music.apple.com