World Goes Round releases new single, “Big House” – Reignland

World Goes Round has released a fantastic new track called “Big House” The track was originally written in 1989. I liked the way the keyboard came in first as a solo. The beat is almost familiar to a certain era and I love it! The vocals are exciting and fun to dance to. The lyrics are very nice and the drums and background vocals are excellent! When speaking on the writing process behind the song, they state, “

’So we do the dance – take it for granted. You tell the truth – they don’t understand it.’ After visiting the Amazon in Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, vocalist Frank Musker had seen first-hand the damage caused to the Amazon by the greed of the West. Hence the line ‘In the time it takes to sing this song, another thousand acres will be gone.’ 

“At the time ‘Big House’ was written in the 1980s, it was a couple years before the Berlin Wall came down and the concerns of refugees fleeing from behind the Iron Curtain is also voiced in the song: ‘Well there’s a man in East Berlin, all he wants is a ticket on a westbound train.’ 

It’s crazy that they are able to make a song written so long still a hit in 2020. I cant wait to hear more. Be sure to listen above and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.