WEAREPIXALIEN releases classic 90’s inspired R&B classic, “FRIDAY IN BED” – Reignland

Brooklyn natives retro-R&B duo WEAREPIXALIEN have release their second single “Friday in Bed” The late night vibe track has a bit of a 90’s R&B melody to it that will instantly make you fall in love. There chemistry is beautiful and you feel like you are there watching them sing live on stage. The cover is definitely a 90’s R&B inspired cover. I love vintage music, reminding us to never forget that era.

Ayanda Sunshine (lead vocalist) had this to say about “Friday In Bed“. “The song is about leaving responsibilities behind to create a world within a world with your lover.”

Ayanda also spoke about the production of the track, “When I produced the track I was thinking about the sensual side of seduction… […]. “when I arranged the vocals I was looking to project vulnerability, openness, and sultriness of Janet’s iconic Control album. The track just floats and pulses upwards and highlights ZIP’s tone and my range. I would say we came up with something that feels private, loving and sexy!”

Zip Leathers (co-lead vocalist) describes the group’s sound as “a renaissance of the past with sounds of then and now. Ayanda is like thee classical type vocalists, Lalah… Anita…and Chaka. My style is Van Hunt or Maxwell and I hold an affinity to golden era hiphop history, culture, and style. WEAREPIXALIEN is great because we get to mesh these great aspects about ourselves and come out with something raw and organic.” WEAREPIXALIEN are branded under the 75B Studios umbrella.”

Connect: http://wearepixalien.com