Waylen Roche and Sho release soulful new track about rediscovering love in new single ‘Coo Coo’ – Reignland

Waylen Roche and Sho collab for a soulful classic in their latest offering. “Coo Coo’ is the third single from Waylen. The collaboration sees synthy vibes blended with alt RnB and outstanding vocals.

“This song is about rediscovering love after years apart, the joys and challenges of finding your person, and that “coo coo” feeling you get when cooking something new out of ingredients you’ve had in the cupboard for a long time.”, Waylen explains about the song.

He continues, “I began the song with a chorus of “coo coo,” before the beat drops in and the nest starts getting built. I had a blast collaborating with my friend Sho Ishikura, who lends his soulful voice to the middle section, elevating the tune to higher branches. ‘

This collaboration is ultimately a match made in heaven.