Walla releases new single, “The Draw” – Reignland

Walla is back with a new great upbeat track called “The Draw” It is about loss and acceptance, something we all can relate too. This track is a good upbeat song with good vibes. The drums are fantastic and the keyboard melodies reminded me of eighties music. The vocals with the background harmony has a relaxing feel to it in a way. The bass guitar really set the tone for this great song and was a nice touch.

Speaking on the track, they said, “When you’re dealt a bad hand in life, “The Draw”, your choices are to be brought down by the situation, or to carry on. These are the moments where you feel like a stranger, even to yourself. We feel like releasing it now would mean a lot to our fans given the current events. We will be releasing a home made, quarantine inspired music video for our fans as well as potentially touring when quarantine is lifted.” I enjoyed it. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below.

Get the track: spotify.com