Vola Tila ‘Space Out’ in new retro single from forthcoming debut album. – Reignland

Swedish alt-pop duo Vola Tila, has released a new self-produced single titled, ‘Space Out’. This is the first single from their forthcoming debut album. It’s 60s psychedelic pop-inspired melody hooks you into whatever journey they are taking you on. The fuzzy guitar riff in the background helping to guide the haunting adlibs to create a retro feel like no other. The lead singers raw and heavy vocals are a perfect fit for the tone of this track.

”When you space out you gain perspective. And it becomes clear that you are observing what you thought was reality, except now you are seeing it for what it really is. Sometimes it makes you feel like an alien and you just want some company.”, they explain. The production is so rare and not too clean that it takes away the emotion of the song but it actually gives it a nice nostalgic finish.

They formed in 2018, after years spent hitmaking for major artists including US electronica outfit Passion Pit, Swedish songwriting and production duo Vola Tila stepped out on their own and released their acclaimed debut EP ‘Personality Apocalypse’ in September 2019, recorded in collaboration with Sonic Boom (MGMT, Beach House) and Charlie Storm (Håkan Hellström).


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