Vera Blue has released an amazing new track called. “Lie To Me” – Reignland

Vera Blue released a brand new track called “Lie to Me” it’s an upbeat soulful type of vibe. The vocals are strong and party perfect in every way. The lyrics are excellent and the hard working musicians show off their passion in this track. Great project. Be sure to check out this for yourself and please share your feedback below.

The metamorphosis of gifted folk singer/songwriter Celia Pavey into the electro pop powerhouse Vera Blue has been as visually electrifying as it has musically scintillating.

It began with the release of the critically lauded EP Fingertips and its achingly ethereal breakthrough platinum single “Hold.” Musically, the track fuses Pavey’s raw lyrical insights and captivating vocals with elegant, hypnotic electronica; while the accompanying black and white video plays with close up perspectives and a hauntingly interior tone.