Vargas & Lagola has released a wonderfuland romantic new track called “Hurts To Be Hurt” – Reignland

Vargas & Lagola has released an awesome new track called “Hurts to be Hurt” With ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Vargas & Lagola invites us to a fascinating musical world where no creative rules exist. The album contains 11 tracks with a mix of pop, rock, Americana and hip hop – a diverse but yet coherent collection, originating from many years of high-level songwriting, a shared love for retro soundscapes and Nordic melancholia. ‘Hurts To Be Hurt’ is the focus single on the album – a downtempo story about leaving someone behind, mixing Americana and contemporary instrumentation. This song is beautifully written and sounds wonderful, it’s sad and romantic, I enjoyed the heavy drums especially! The vocals are very nice and calming. I could play this on repeat. Be sure to listen and enjoy this above and leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.