Valere shares new single, ‘Undercover’ – Reignland

Valere returns with a brand new track ‘Undercover’, a sonically delicate-yet-powerful RnB/pop delight, exposing the frailty of human authenticity. Her light vocals feel like a nice sharp breeze. They hit you with such powerful energy. I love the way she creates this beautiful atmosphere. The soft piano in the back really adds to the back. It has this intimate vibe to it.

“’Undercover’ is a plea for people to be upfront about how they feel and to be authentic and real. I think this is a song that I’m most proud of and captures what I want my sound to be, amalgamating all of my influences of alternative RnB, electronica, and songwriting that I grew up with. It’s me at my most honest.”, she explains

The track was co-produced by Michael Collier (Leone) and Valere herself, with mastering by Vivek Gabriel (Gabriel Audio). Her album is due for release later this year. 

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/valeremusic/