Upcoming Producer, Spade shares blissful new track, ‘Cool Breeze’ – Reignland

If you are looking for a new lofi sound for your late night chill session, we got you covered. Upcoming producer, Spade, has released a new single titled, ‘Cool Breeze’, a lofi melody that sounds like a warm day and a cool night in the summer. The track takes you on a soothing journey of calm and bliss. With it’s lush synths and distorted vocals, you never get tired of stepping into his world on this track.

The producer comes packed with a few more tracks on his SoundCloud page along with a semi mysterious sense of branding to create this emotion of wonder as the listener hears his music for the first time. His music is a reflection of his emotions at that moment. You learn more about him as he releases new beats.

His only social media is SoundCloud but hopefully one day, we will see his full face and learn about the man behind the masterpiece.

Contact: https://soundcloud.com/user-507703987