Tyra Banks has nothing but love for Ariana Grande’s ‘iconic’ ponytail – Reignland

Tyra banks took to twitter to express her love for Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail. Ariana was so excited about the tweet that two ended up discussing what a hypothetical ANTM makeover for the singer would entail. Fans are now hoping for an Ari-inspired challenge on the next America’s Next Top Model.

hi i love u. i always wondered what you’d do w my hair on the makeover episodes. i’m scared to know. but also. tell me. please. i won’t do it. but please tell me. love u. https://t.co/5AmMIxLp0G

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) February 6, 2019

Ari boo, 1st: I love you and if I wasn’t my height, I’d wanna be yours.

2nd: I teach Personal Branding at @StanfordGSB and on day one, my lecture touches on the power of your pony. An iconic, visual cue to the world that identifies you!

3rd: You betta not touch that tail. https://t.co/HywocOWNEh

— Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) February 6, 2019

We love two queens who compliment each other. Do you agree? Comment below.

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