Touré releases debut single ‘Money Talks’ – Reignland

Money is the only language Touré is talking about these days. He makes that clear in his debut single, “Money Talks”. The R&B track is a fun late-night drive type of vibe. I love his vocals on this track.

“It’s a song about a girl who is a guy’s equal in every way. It is R&B, which is music that I’m really into, but this one in particular of all my songs is more bouncy. I do a bit more rapping and the chorus is melodic. It’s mainly about meeting a girl, having a good time, and envisioning what life would be like with her. She’s a girl who has her own money and doesn’t need a guy for anything. They go out and see each other, and one time he picks up the tab and the next time she picks up the tab. It’s a balanced relationship – not all on one or the other.”

The bumping track was written and recorded in Miami Florida and produced by 5AMKush as well as engineered by Johann Chavez.