TK x Kanejohnson released an awesome new track called “WestSide” (feat. KaneJohnson) – Reignland

TK x Kanejohnson released “WestSide” (ft KaneJohnson),

TK is one of the newest artists in the Toronto music scene that has a

different lyrical and delivery style that sets him apart from other Toronto hip-hop

artists! Being a victim of a broken system, TK moved place-to-place all around

Toronto and the GTA. There was little stability in TK’s young life, so music became

TK’s only constant companion and writing was his cathartic relief. I loved the acting in the video for this song, everyone did great! I like the car that you have in the video. The music is perfect and the skilled rapping is “off the chain” Great project!! Please check it out and leave your feedback below.