Timothy James shares a tropical new single titled, ‘Chillin’ – Reignland

Timothy James is bring a genre bending new track titled, ‘Chillin’ to the fore fronnt. The track has a tropical melody mixed with country comfort to create the ultimate feel good energy. I’ve never heard these two atmospheres combined but it sounds out of this world. His voice has that southern style tone to it that eases along the tropical beat that forms the foundation.

“We wanted to write a song that would embody what floating down a river would feel like. That’s how we spent our summer’s growing up outside of Sacramento. We really wanted to give a different kind of experience with this song.It was originally written on the guitar, but when we debuted it at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, Southwest decided to send Josh’s guitar to Dallas. So, we rearranged our set in Ukelele, which included this song. The reception was incredible. We’ve played it that way ever since…”

Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Timothy James is rolling out of artist development this summer withCutCraft Music Group (Los Angeles / London).


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