The Shadowboxers releases retro banger, “Animals” – Reignland

LA based pop-soul band, The Shadowboxers has released an exciting new track called “Animals” This comes off of their debut album “The Slow March Of Time Flies By” that’s out now. You will love the song right away! The retro kind of dark R&B melody is amazing and it makes you want to dance right away. There is just something in their soaring soulful vocals that pulls at your heart strings. It feels like a good night with a cool breeze. The harmonies in this are so addictive especially during the catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your help. “Animals is about acting on our instincts. It’s about celebrating the freedom of getting out of our own way and letting that natural thing come through. No overthinking, no second guessing…just feeling something and going with it.”, they explain. That bass guitar carries the song’s foundation with ease as their vocals flow so effortlessly.

They were discovered by Justin Timberlake and even toured with him. They are now ready to make their mark in the industry. Speaking on their debut album, Scott Tyler of The ShadowboxersGreat says, “We’ve spent a decade in search of our identity, meandering our way through different styles and genres in hopes of landing on something that all three of us can see ourselves in. This is the album where we found it. We locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t come out until all three of us felt like we’d communicated our visions and seen them through. Just us. No one else. No one to hide behind or pass the ball to. We fought, we compromised, we faced issues that had been building up for a decade. And we came out on the other side with The Slow March of Time Flies By, our most honest work to date.” This project just shows how ready they are. Be sure to listen and enjoy as I did and please share your thoughts below. Add this to your playlist today.

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