The Micro Band releases a mind-blowing new visual for ‘Pneuma Soma Sarx’ – Reignland

The Micro Band released a mind-blowing new track called “Pneuma Soma Sarx” They are from Edinburgh, Scotland and have been together for 7 Years. The video for this song is something I believe every person who sees it might take away something different from it so I won’t dare try to explain what it did for me, you just have to watch it for yourself. It’s mesmerizing. The music in this song has a beautiful acoustic guitar melody that talks to your soul . It really to the wonderful vocals of this artist. I really like the background harmony as well. Enjoy when you listen above and please leave us feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, soundcloud.com

Band Members :   

 Alexander Auldsmith (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals)

 Daniel Crichton (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)

 Lucie Yavruturk (Vocals)

 Ruairidh Morrison (Bass)

 Sam Dick (Drums)

 Euan Macpherson (Drums/Percussion)

 Michael Davidson (Backing Vocals, Percussion)