The Mercy Stone releases a lush new visual for ‘Here and There’ – Reignland

The Mercy Stone have released a new visual for their lush pop single, ‘Here and There.’ The visual adds a intimate feel to the already warm song. The lead singer is seen singing into a mic as she is surrounded by the rest of the band who helps her sing at certain points as well as play. Her vocals are dreaming and the lyrics talk about the absence of love which everyone can relate too. The vocals on this track however speak on it while creating a calming atom observe for listener with it’s lightness.

Expanding on the meaning of Here and There, Scott discusses:

“I like to have a certain amount of ambiguity in all of the songs/lyrics that I write. So, I avoid ‘on the nose’ explanations of song lyrics. However, this song obviously is dealing with images of love and its absence.”

Founded by composer and guitarist Scott Grady in 2016, the last four years for The Mercy Stone released their first album titled ‘Ghettoblaster’ back in 2017.

Get the track: music.apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com