The Letter Noon shares a beautiful new single titled, ‘Something About Faraways’ – Reignland

Duo, The Letter Noon is back with a new single, ‘Something About Faraways’ that speak on love faraway. It’s a beautiful track that sounds like a soothing poem. It’s smooth melodies and low toned vocals really make you want to go find the one you love and give them a giant hug.

‘Something about faraways’ is exactly about that, something faraway. Although the sentiment is universal, the particular “thing” in this instance is love. The song is a love letter, a calling to the light in your life, hoping it will soon manifest, shining in space.”, they explain.

According to their bio, the Letter Noon is a birth child of two people from completely different spectrums of the world coming together for the love of music and hip-hop.Producer Shirman is from Tehran, Iran, and moved to Milan to go to school for music production and to be able to legally express himself musically since in Iran he could not. Rapper Emma Effers is from Miami, Florida, and moved to Milan to go to school for design but has been rapping and releasing music since 2009.

The first two albums “Sunday Affair” and “False Noises for Real Impressions” were recorded on every Sunday of the week when Emma would go to Shirman’s house where they would build and learn from each other discussing many topics such as culture, film, art, food, life’s highs and woes, and of course music.

Connect & Get Track: https://theletternoon.bandcamp.com/