The Escapades just can’t get enough of your Rock & Roll in new headbanging single. – Reignland

Newcastle based band, The Escapades have released an exciting and rocking track called “I can’t Get Enough” (of Your Rock & Roll) TThe four-piece group managed to create an instant hit with this one. I can’t stop humming the melody. The drums are the fire starter for this track and then the guitar strokes hook the listener in. The production is crisp and clean like a rock song should be with a mix of pop. The vocals go perfect with this track and the bring the lyrics to life so well. Great work on this project. Be sure to take a listen and leave your feedback.

Get the track: geo.music.apple.com, youtube.com, spotify.com, deezer.com

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/theescapadesband/