The Delay In The Universal Loop releases dope EDM single, C’oincidence.exe’ – Reignland

22-year-old Italian producer, The Delay In The Universal Loop has released an electrifying EDM bop titled, ‘Coincidence.exe.’ The track and video both go hand in hand. The visual is as vibrant and colorful as the single. The mix of melodies is outstanding. At first, listen you automatically just want to let loose and move your body to the beat. The vocals come in and hook you right in.

The Delay In The Universal Loop is 22-year-old Italian producer Dylan Iuliano. Dylan has been releasing music under the moniker of The Delay In The Universal Loop since his 2013 debut ‘Disarmonia’, which led him to leave high school and tour through the United States in support of it.

The Delay In The Universal Loop’s second and critically acclaimed LP ‘Split Consciousness’ was released in 2015 and Dylan toured extensively both across the US and Europe, playing dozens of festivals including CMJ in New York. The album was anticipated by the single ’ Texan Daylight ’ with a video clip directed by Tachyons+ founder Logan Owlbeemoth. The second single from the record, “ I’m Turning In The Wholeness ”, was premiered via Thump in August 2015.

Add this to your next party mix for an instant favorite.

Get the track: music.apple.com

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/thedelayintheuniversalloop/