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Taylor Mosby is an actress who stars as Tiffany Haddish’s daughter, ’Amira’ on TBS’s “The Last OG”,. Before getting that awesome role, she starred in other hit shows such as Criminal Minds, About A Boy, and The Middle. I got a chance to talk to Taylor about her breakout role, upcoming movie ‘Breakthrough’ where she can be seen singing and acting and her show on Brat TV. Read below.

EA: How did you get started in acting? TM: I knew I wanted to be an actress at seven years old, so I participated in as much local theater as I could and I was in almost every school play. One spring break, my mom and I came out to LA to try it out here to get a feel for it, and one audition led to the next and now here we are! 
 EA: You appeared on four episodes of Criminal Minds. How did you get that role and how was it on set? TM: I was called in to audition and then I found out I booked it the next day. That was my first dramatic role and it was so cool getting to meet the cast, especially for my parents who have watched almost every episode. 
 EA: You also joined ‘A Girl Name Jo’ on the Brat channel. How has it been playing that kind of role? TM: Playing “Abby” on the show has been really eye-opening because it takes place during the time of the first school integrations. I’ve learned a lot about life for black people in the 1960’s and I feel like this role has taught me a lot of lessons. 

“If you do not see anyone that looks like you, sounds like you, or thinks like you in the industry that doesn’t mean you don’t belong. ” Taylor Mosby

EA: How did you get the role of Amira on The Last O.G? TM: I was called in to audition for the daughter of Tracy Morgan in a new “untitled project” created by Jordan Peele. After my first audition, I was called in to a producer’s meeting with Mr. Peele for what I didn’t realize was my final audition. A few weeks later I received a call from TBS telling me I got the role! It was such an emotional day for me because it was my first series regular. EA: How was it to work with Tiffany Haddish? TM: Ms. Tiffany is like a second mom to me. We always have fun working together and we’re always making jokes on and off set. Whether she’s teaching dances from “back in the day” or I’m teaching her a newest dance move that’s gone viral, we have a good time. Occasionally, when we have down time she will tell me about some of her own personal experiences in the industry and how I can learn from them. She is truly amazing overall.
 EA: What about Tracy Morgan? TM: I was so excited to play Tracy Morgan’s daughter, and I knew I was going to love my character because she was a perfect mix of two comedians. Mr. Morgan has taught me so much about the entertainment industry and how I can steer my career over the next couple of years. He protects me like my own father and is constantly making jokes. We have a lot of good memories. EA: What has been your favorite on-set memory on the Last O.G? TM: One time while we were filming season one, there was an ice cream truck that drove past the house we were filming at and we all ate ice cream, listened to music, and talked about life. It’s my favorite memory of everyone. 

EA: You sing in the upcoming movie ‘Breakthrough’. How did you discover your passion for music? TM: Music has been in my blood since I was little. As a matter of fact, I knew I wanted to sing before I knew I wanted to act. Music has always been second nature to me just like acting has and I’m so glad I get to mix the two in Breakthrough. EA: How did the song in the ‘Breakthrough’ trailer come about? TM: When I auditioned for Chayla, they asked me to sing Oceans. I was never aware I would be singing in the movie or on the soundtrack. When I was singing this song, my goal was to make people feel what Chayla was feeling through her music. For them to feel her emotions through her notes. Making people feel something is always my goal when it comes to music. EA: Will fans see a single or EP from you soon? TM: Yes they absolutely will! I’m actually in the process of organizing some music in the studio now so stay tuned for sure!
 EA: What is your advice for upcoming actors or actresses? TM: To other aspiring actors and actresses, do not let the word “no” stop you and do not be intimidated by the majority. When I say that I mean if you do not see anyone that looks like you, sounds like you, or thinks like you in the industry that doesn’t mean you don’t belong. It means there’s a spot open for someone just like you because everyone is special in their own way and the world can hear your story just like everyone else. Just don’t be afraid to try.

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