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I got a chance to sit down and talk with singer, songwriter Taylor Jasmine, previously known professionally as CraveTay. We talked about her debut album, The POP Game, fashion and more. You may remember this beauty from our previous issue in 2014. During that time, she had just got from under ATL girl group, CHARM and started her solo endeavors. Jasmine previously went by only CraveTay but now goes by her real name. “I felt as though I wanted a new chapter, and wanted people to know me as me, and Taylor Jasmine is my real name.” She cites her music and her name needed to equate, but she has no problem with people calling her both.

While waiting to release her debut album, Jasmine trolled fans with a twin rapper character named ‘EXTRA.’ She released one single and one visual under the character. The song and visual was later taken down.” It was funny cause people actually believed I had a twin somewhere out there…. maybe I do maybe I don’t 😉 but me on the rapping subject, occasionally here and there you will hear more of that from me in the future.”

On March 14th, 2019, Jasmine released her first solo studio album entitled Dear Me. She cites that her producer, Mike Kalombo, was one of the main people that helped make this process easier.” He has helped me curate a sound for Dear Me, and even picked the tracklist.” On her debut album, Jasmine is the most vulnerable she’s ever been. “My emotion in this was just creating a sound the world could connect too, and something not only my fans would not get tired of, but something I wouldn’t get tired of in this lifetime. But I do think, Dear me was most definitely a spiritual release of my soul that I just gave to the world, if I think too deep that line being said scares me a little, so I keep creating.”

Even though every song on the album has its challenges, according to Jasmine, Mama Don’t Cry was the hardest. “I kept debating if that song would even make the album.” E: What was the meaning behind the cover? TJ: “The art behind my first album was me showcasing different expressions that I was feeling in the music.” E: You seem very vulnerable on this album. Why did you decide to show this side of yourself to the fans? TJ:” Besides the fact this is my very first album, at this stage in the game, after being on a show that presented a misconception of who I was it was very important to me that people got to see a side of me that was very authentic and unedited.” During the release of the debut album, Jasmine released exclusive merch called Taylor Jasmine Wear. The line included shirts, phone cases, and even household items. “I enjoy the build, and the journey of all things I put my heart into, I don’t usually speak on what I am about to do, I like to move in silence, let the work speak for itself, and let the universe perform its magic.”.

In 2017 rapper and producer Timbaland created his version of Lifetime’s competition reality music show, The Rap Game called The Pop Game. It lasted one season on lifetime and was not renewed due to ratings. Despite the ratings, the show did showcase some amazing talent, including Jasmines. The prize was a contract with Timbaland’s Mosley Music record label. According to Jasmine, the show did not show her authentic self but a misconception version.” I have grown into a better version of myself, and my music has most def grown massively.” She cites that shows like music reality competition shows aren’t really needed to be successful.” Stick to what you are doing, and find a great team, to be a true artist to me I really don’t think a show like that is needed to get you to where you want to be in life. Sticking to your true self, and creating art consistently true to you will.”

E: You are a serious fashionista. Where do you mostly shop? TJ: “aw, thank you, Fashion, to me, is art. To be honest with you, I search for places that aren’t the hype; they are the ones that carry the gems .” E: What is your go to outfit when you step out? TJ: “Lol, this might of been the hardest question out of this whole interview. My mood determines my outfit. I don’t have a go-to outfit, cause it’s different every time.” E: Who influences your Fashion? TJ: “There are so many style icons, that I like to appreciate and find beauty in as if I were looking at an art piece, but I do think the true influencer in fashion is your mind.” Taylor is currently working on her next project. She has released eight singles and a visual for each throughout the summer and since this conversation.

You can catch Taylor’s material on her website, www.taylorjasmine.com.

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