Taylor Grey has released a fantastic new track called”COMPLIC8ED” – Reignland

Taylor Grey has released an amazing new track called “Complic8ted” Love it! The heavy bass beat surely sets the tone for a great dance song. The vocals are crystal clear and excitable. I held onto the lyrics as they grabbed me and kept my attention. Great job. The upbeat indie-pop dance single, COMPLIC8ED, was produced by Imad Royal; a new collaborator for the singer/songwriter and one-hell-of a pairing.

Taylor sheds some insight on the new release, sharing that ”COMPLIC8ED is the response for that all too common of a statement, ‘I don’t want to make things complicated’ but sometimes, you DO want to make things complicated, you want to give a forbidden/unknown love a chance. You want to go for it!” She continues to share on how she started writing COMPLIC8ED, saying “it started after a weird encounter that occurred between me and a friend of mine, who I had a crush on for a while.” and that what sparked the initial inspiration was “Stay Awake” by Dean Lewis, she continues to say, “I was listening to the song while driving (shortly after the friend encounter) and started humming along with a different melody, then it just clicked and I had to pull over to start writing down the song forming inside my head.”

A gifted songwriter and energetic performer, Taylor Grey burst onto the music scene in 2016, the same year she started her undergraduate degree at Stanford University. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, deezer.com, youtube.com, music.apple.com

Connect: http://taylorgreymusic.com/