TaRhea Ray releases smooth debut single ‘Goodbye’ – Reignland

Artist TaRhea Ray is ready to make her debut with a smooth new tune titled, ‘Goodbye’. The neo-soul track embodies powerful vocals that are smooth but hit you hard in the soul that you feel every emotion. The harmonies ride the groovy beat effortlessly as it takes you off into a late night drive or a summer day drive. As the song fades in the end, you are now officially hooked so you play it again.

“It is about ending a relationship between two people where one person is not willing to put in the work to make it last and the other is fed up with trying to salvage a relationship that is plagued with trust issues and has a lack of compassion.” She continues, “We added the honesty of country music blended with soulful vocals, heavy bass and a funky guitar.” Her debut is produced by Luca F. Brown.

Feel good music at it’s finest. Aside from being a solo artist, she is also a songwriter, and vocal arranger from South Central Los Angeles, CA. 

“My goal in music is to reflect to connect, to inspire and empower men and women who felt like they were boxed and selved.” She says.

Connect: https://linktr.ee/Tarhearaymusic