Taali has released an inspiring new track called “What Are You Afraid Of” – Reignland

Taali Has released an inspiring new track called “What Are You Afraid Of”. What a remarkable story she has…It makes me appreciate her talent even more. The keyboard/piano? goes perfectly with her beautiful voice. The lyrics are graceful to listen to. I really enjoyed this song very much.

According to her press release, After years of vocal cord issues, which culminated in a surgery and Taali unable to sing herself, she leaned harder into writing for others including Mad Decent hip-hop innovator Jarina De Marco, gospel performer Mali Music, and José James, whom she later co-founded independent record label and multidisciplinary collective Rainbow Blonde with alongside producer/engineer Brian Bender. On her new EP, Taali examines the complex dynamics of female friendship. It follows 2019’s EP Were Most of Your Stars Out?. The titles of both EPs borrow from J.D. Salinger’s “Seymour an Introduction,.”

Be sure to listen to the track above and please share your feedback below. If you like it, add it to your playlist.

Get the track: http://rainbowblonde.co/whatareyouafraidof