SWIMM helps you find peace in these difficult times during their new visual for, ‘Feel Better’ – Reignland

SWIMM is here to enhance your playlist with their new single and visual titled, ‘Feel Better’. The track offers solace and hopes to a young LA woman who has fallen victim to “the cliches of men in Hollywood taking advantage of starry-eyed transplants for the first time” as vocalist, Chris Hess (a.k.a Cookie), puts it. The soothing vocals create this comfort inside as you listen. At certain points you hear the sternness of the vocals as they let you know that they mean business and positivity is all that matter. It’s almost like a sign that you will be okay.

The visual offers solace on an isolated beach with vibrant colors, clear waters, and nature far and in between. “We’re given an aerial view of a lone woman exploring the gentle break, sandy beach, and towering bluffs along the Pacific, creating a perfect environment for finding peace in difficult times; something we can all use in a tumultuous 2020. It’s a visual that embodies the make-shift moniker of “For the moment, I feel better” on which the song’s reassuring chorus is built.”.

SWIMM have carved their own way into the Los Angeles scene with their DIY shows at their warehouse home ‘The Cube’ and now, their very own east side festival Love You Down. Three years running, the last of which sold out two nights in a row with SWIMM sharing the main stage with Echo Park legends Warpaint. In 2020 they are teaming up with Australian label Sweat It Out and LA subsidiary Sunset Mesa Records. I can’t wait to hear more beautiful music from them.


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