SVRITE creates a lush ‘VIBE’ in new single – Reignland

Hip-hop artist SVRITE has just released his newest single, “Vibe.” The chill low bass beat creates such a warm and freeing feeling to the listener. This sound reminds me of other heavy hitters in this genre such as Trippy Redd or Juice Wrld. A new genre that is becoming very popular for its the ability to do what the title suggests and that’s set a vibe.

He is an Orlando, Florida based Puerto Rican- American rapper and producer who started rapping in the 6th grade. The 16-year-old rapper has accumulated well over 40 million streams in just the last year. According to his press release, SVRITE walked into a house party with his friends and was immediately enraptured with a stunning young woman that reminded him of the iconic superstar Selena. After the two finished dancing together, she grabbed his hand and took him away. “She sat me on a couch and danced on me for the rest of the night.  No words, no bulls***, no drama, just vibes,” SVRITE explains. Later that night, SVRITE found himself in the studio and the track was created. .

Recently, SVRITE has gone viral with his Instagram story freestyles which garnered the attention of Adam 22 of No Jumper. His most popular release is Jiggy, with over 4million streams on Spotify

Be on the lookout for his upcoming album, Beauty In A Nightmare

Get the track: https://svrite.ffm.to/vibe

Connect: https://www.veyronmgmt.com/svrite