Suns Of July release a powerful visual titled, ‘Beautiful You Are’ – Reignland

Need something to help you get through the day? No worries, we got you covered with this new visual and track from Suns Of July. ‘Beautiful You Are’ is an instant favorite of mines. I love everything about it form the inspiring lyrics, to the production. The lead vocalist has such powerful vocals that just sound like a loud positive force with every note sung pushing you to be your best. The instrumental is exceptional and very light.

The visual does the song much justice as it features kids learning their worth and becoming confident. I also love the message at the end reminding us that we are better together. We need more of this and I am excited that I could cover this song. I can’t wait to hear more.

Get the track: music.apple.com, deezer.com, spotify.com

Connect: http://sunsofjuly.com/