Sunroof releases new single, ‘Savoir Faire’ – Reignland

Sunroof has released a cool new track called “Savoir Faire” Immediately I liked the beat and vibe to this track, the guitar and drums meshed so well and gave that upbeat energy I needed. I liked the vocals a lot with the fresh harmony. Cool lyrics too. Savoir Faire started out as a loop and a melody eventually formed, he says. “I became inspired by Paul Simon’s Graceland because all of the interesting percussive elements on the record. My friend and I spent one of the days recording this song meticulously working out the drum parts to give it a fun and our version of a more “global” sound. I wanted to write a fun song and this was my swing at it.” Great project with an amazing acoustic foundation. Please listen above and share your feedback below. Add it to your playlist today.

Get the track: soundcloud.comapple.comyoutube.com