Stoos talks about getting over past regrets in new moody song ‘Afraid’ – Reignland


Stoos has released a new single titled ‘Afraid’. The moody song new song is a mix of pop and hip hop. It blends really well together along with his vocals. I love the concept of the song as he talks about letting go of one’s regrets. A lot people can defiantly relate to this, he might even help a few listeners. He said this about the song, “This song is about having a conversation with a friend and realizing that they have a lot of regrets in life, even if they aren’t ready to admit them yet. It’s about trying to help your friend realize their regrets and that it’s not too late to be the person they want to be. All they have to do is face their fears and take a leap of faith. ” Be sure to comment your feedback below.