Stone Throwers releases jazzy new single, ‘Energy’ – Reignland

Stone Throwers are ready to jazz up your playlist with this warm new single, ‘Energy’. It features a tight drum foundation with soothing melodies that create this relaxing atmosphere for the listener. The vocals are raw and emotional when speaking about holding your energy close your hear. The small guitar solo you hear towards the end pulls the song all together.

Speaking on the track, “Each and every one of us only has a finite amount of energy to pour into what we love. Too often, however, we give this energy to people who do nothing but harm us. Energy explores the consequences of allowing that type of person to occupy space in your mind and heart — how it can hold you back from new love and experiences. Recorded by a big band (remotely), Energy captures the group-chemistry of the nine artists who perform on it, along with the omnipresent weight of their individual isolation.” I really love this piece and I can’t wait to hear more.

Get the track: spotify.com

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/stonethrowerspgh/