Steven Keene releases a smooth classic “She Used Me, I Used Her” – Reignland

“She Used Me, I Used Her…” is the newest single from Steven Keene. A somewhat romantic song but very honest.His low tones over a paino heavy melody blends perfectly togehter with the harmonies in the background. The productoin quality is outstanding. I cant wait to hear more from his EP.

He said this in a recent press release , “I was on a train headed east and sat down next to a woman named Shirley,” Keene recollects. “She was very friendly and opened up pretty quick. She began to tell me about her life and her current boyfriend. You see, Shirley is 67 and she’s dating a 29-year-old guy. She was open and honest about the terms of their relationship. I got to thinking that this would make for a good song. And here it is, in reverse. Thanks, Shirley.”

Contact: https://stevenkeene.com/