Steven Blane is back with a new single, ‘That’s Just The Way It Goes’ – Reignland

Steven Blane is out with a new track called “That’s Just the Way It Goes” That’s Just The Way It Goes is a song about the acknowledgement of fate. Some of us are born with with the gifts of life’s bounty awaiting. Others are born into desperation. Some eschew life’s bounty and/or fall into dark places. Others surmount life’s challenges and rise to great heights. But in the end, that’s just the way it goes.

Steven Blane is a Pop-Americana Jazz infused chill electro pop Singer-Songwriter who plays guitar, piano and ukulele.

And he has been very busy. His most recent release is an album entitled “Sweet Dreams.” He is releasing one song per week beginning Jan. 2020. Prior to that he released a chill electro pop track entitled “Dumbo” and an inspirational pop ballad called “Fly Again.” He also produced a video for Fly Again. This is an upbeat track full of truths, and I love the way it was dished out, the horns are a nice touch! The vocals are smooth as the music follows the beat of the drums. real nice. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave your feedback below and you can surely add this to your playlist.