Snowcone For President shares new single, ‘I Need It’ – Reignland

Grunge/Indie/Rock band, Snowcone For President has released a new single titled,’I Need It’. It’s grunge guitar melodies are electrifying and really eases the listener into the verse during the intro. The lead vocals are haunting and emotional at the same time, pulling you into whatever journey they are choosing to take you on. The dark but honest lyrics will defiantly relate to many things in one’s life. The chorus is catchy and he really showcases his vocal range when he hits the high note for ‘I Need It’. The electric guitar that helps carry the chorus is so badass and really adds on to the atmosphere that it’s creating.

“I Need it” was recorded at world-famous Blackbird Studios via Blackbird Academy and mixed/mastered by Matty Harris out of California. This song has been placed on several playlists and the artist has received multiple awards for the songwriting and performance.

Led by frontman and lead vocalist Jeremy Neese, this group and its members have received numerous awards and publications for their music ability and performance.

SC4P is actively running a campaign for their mascot “Snowcone the Bad Panda” for the 2020 Presidential election. Snowcone does not align himself with either Republican or Democratic Party. Millions of Americans are looking for a drastic change in office and if you are one of these please vote “Snowcone” 2020.

This group is currently working on their upcoming album “Thomas’ Garden” and is set to release 2020.

Get the track: https://www.facebook.com/snowconeforpresident/

Get the track: apple.com, deezer.com, spotify.com